In Casablanca and starting a blog…

To family and friends!

We’re settling into our new Moroccan lifestyle and in an effort to share as much of this adventure as we can with all of you, we’ve started a blog.  I, Andrea, will post pictures from our whereabouts and attempt to document our lives in writing through these posts – but please bear in mind I am not a social media pro, nor a blogger, not even a writer really, and a novice photographer, so the integrity of this blog will be what it is, a work in progress!  But the heart and soul behind the project will always remain the same – to share our story and make connections with those we love most, no matter where in the world we are.

A quick overview of our lives here so far – we live in an apartment in downtown Casablanca, in a colorful, yet chaotic neighborhood called Maarif.  Here is what we see from our window:



For me, the colors of the Moroccan sky are beautiful and we are enjoying living in a climate of everyday sunshine.  We have made friends with our local food vendors who sell us fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and grains – it’s one of our favorite outings to head down the street to our vegetable man.  He doesn’t speak French nor English, so our exchanges in broken Arabic are, well, amusing!  Below you can see the popcorn man on the corner just below our apartment window – the popcorn does smell delicious!


Another feature of Moroccan life is the daily call to prayer.  We live right by the local mosque and hear the prayer 5 times a day – not once, not twice, 5 times a day! – each from a different man and sung a different way, but all blasted from an intercom across the city.  I took a video of the call to prayer a few nights ago and have to laugh because just at the end of it, the power went out!  We’ve been here for 4 weeks, and already our power has gone out 3 times, so we’re thinking it’s something we may need to just get used to.  We’re learning to find beauty in the chaos.

And finally, Marc and I have also found our way to the beach!  A quick (and cheap) taxi ride away and we are enjoying the sand and waves.  Marc braved the cold waters and swam in the African Atlantic last weekend – but then we had to leave because he was so cold.  So, while surf lessons are up next on our list, we will definitely be taking them in a wetsuit. 🙂



That’s all for now…

طريق السلامة (pronounced ssalama) – Have a good day!


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