Eid al-Adha in Morocco

Thursday, September 24 Marc and I witnessed our first Muslim holiday, this one called Eid al-Adhma, or Feast of Sacrifice.  The holiday honors the story of Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his son, as commanded by God and as a demonstration of devotion to Him, before God intervened and gave a lamb to be sacrificed instead.  The story, then, is commemorated on Eid with the killing of a sheep, or sometimes a goat. From our understanding, traditionally on the day of Eid families come together and the sheep or goat is sacrificed by someone in the family.  The sheep or goat is then prepared to be cooked and eaten with family over the course of the feast which lasts 4 days in total.

So, with it being our first time to experience Eid and not knowing exactly what to expect, Marc and I stayed in Casablanca for the eve of Eid on Wednesday, but left the city on Thursday and Friday to a luxury resort just an hour or so away.  And while our time at Mazagan, the resort, did not offer us a true cultural interaction with the Eid holiday, it was a much needed get-away and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. 🙂

Here is a video from Wednesday evening from our apartment window where we heard the sounds of sheep all across the city as many purchased their sheep on Wednesday and then kept them on their balconies in preparation for the sacrifice on Thursday.

If you look carefully at the picture below, you can see a truck with 3 or 4 sheep in the back probably being delivered to homes to be sacrificed.


Thursday we woke up to the smell of barbecue as the feast had begun and people were cooking lamb and preparing food for the holiday.  Looking down from our apartment window, we also saw a truck full of sheep skins being collected from people’s homes…

With that image, we were off to Mazagan!  We graciously thanked a taxi driver who took time out of his holiday to drive us to the airport, and then took an hour-long shuttle ride from the airport to the resort.  Once there, we were greeted with this lovely view from our hotel window!


We quickly headed to the pool to soak up some rays.



Took a walk by the beach.


Saw some horses and camels!


Marc made a Moroccan friend…



And we made our way to the gym/spa for a workout before heading home.


The view from my treadmill…!!!


And then we had to leave.  Goodbye Mazagan, until next time!



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