Morocco’s Flavor of the Fall, Plums!

Yesterday was Halloween which means it’s most definitely fall, but living here in Morocco you wouldn’t really know it!  Although it has been more rainy here lately and our wardrobe has transitioned to include jeans instead of shorts, we are still enjoying warm temperatures, t-shirts, and sunshine, not exactly reminiscent of fall as I have known it in the past.  Admittedly, I do miss the sounds, smells, and colors of the season, but it’s time to embrace a new definition of fall, and for me in Morocco that means bringing the season to life in the kitchen.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Marc and I buy all of our vegetables from our local veggie man:


Yep, and since we buy so many vegetables from him, this is how our interactions with the veggie man end, comparing who has bigger muscles to carry our heavy load!  Let’s just say we very much enjoy having access to local, organic vegetables that are CHEAP!  So cheap that sometimes we get a little carried away…

In any case, here’s a recipe for plum marmalade to celebrate the fall in both taste and color.  It’s really good, and really easy!  A winning combination…:)

Plum Marmalade


One thought on “Morocco’s Flavor of the Fall, Plums!

  1. Loving these recipes! I am DEFINITELY going to try that pumpkin bread YUMMMM. How did Marc feel about the PUMPKIN!? I know he just LOVES it. I have been using spelt flour (in my pancakes) and loving its nutty flavor.


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