Ski Week in La Molina

We headed to Barcelona for our February break – it was a whirlwind of travel, and maybe more tiring than we had hoped – but who can complain when we were surrounded with family and our week began at Camp Nou to watch the FC Barcelona football match and ended watching the snow fall in the Pyrenees Mountains.  That’s right, thanks to family and a friend (gracias Joel y Queralt!), we watched the FC Barcelona vs. Sevilla match live and in action at Camp Nou.

And in between visits with family, we also went to Marc’s family’s home in La Molina, a ski resort in the Pyrenees, to ski and enjoy a week in the mountains, a much needed change of pace and landscape compared to our life in Casablanca.  While I was sick much of the week and unfortunately didn’t get to ski, Marc is a veteran of these hills (just look at him with those glasses!) and enjoyed his opportunity to hit the slopes.


🙂  Here are pictures from our trip…










Banana Ice Cream – This might be the most revolutionary whole foods recipe yet – at least for me, a total ice cream lover!  Did you know you can take frozen bananas, add some coconut milk, process in the food processor and end up with creamy soft-serve ice cream?  It’s true!  Raspberries are in season in Morocco, so lately I’ve been adding raspberry to my banana ice cream.  It’s awesome and even a hit with kids, my niece Micah Marie will tell you…Check out this video (and a new blog I have recently been following to see how it’s done and get some ideas on different flavors!

Some notes from the video is that I usually chop up my bananas and freeze them in a bag, then take them out of the freezer 15 minutes or so before I make the ice cream.  It makes it easier on your food processor and takes less time to go from frozen banana to ice cream when the bananas are slightly thawed.  Also, to make the ice cream less liquid and more solid, just add less coconut milk.



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