30 Years of Marc

This year Marc turned 30.  Over the years, we’ve celebrated him with:

a homemade chocolate cake at 21 years of age…

Marc 047

Marc 045

champagne and presents at year 22…



more chocolate cake when he turned 24…



he hits a milestone, 25 years old…


and when he turned 27, oh look, more cake!


It’s been fun celebrating 12 years of birthdays together and this year while the chocolate cake, champagne, and presents were still in order, we were lucky enough to add a trip to Barcelona to the mix.  It was a great Barcelona birthday, complete with the comforts of home at Marc’s grandparent’s house, drinks with old friends, and dinner and a stop at our favorite waffle spot in the Gothic District. 🙂





Feliz cumpleaños, Marc!


And since Spain is on my mind, my niece’s interpretation of speaking Spanish has been a real inspiration in my current pursuit of learning the language.  Tio Marc is so proud. 🙂


Gnocchi with Chanterelle Mushrooms & White Wine & Garlic-Cashew Cream Sauce – I made this omitting the white wine, simply because I didn’t have any (buying wine in Morocco is not exactly cheap nor readily available!).  Was delicious even so!

Parsnip Fries with Rosemary-Garlic Cashew Aioli

Parsnip Fries with Tahini Herb Dip

Mustard Greens & Gruyere Quiche with Almond Crust

Banana Almond Meal Muffins

Marc’s 30th birthday cake was accompanied with vegan ice cream sundaes this year!

And here’s some new recipes that made it to our 2016 Thanksgiving table:


6 thoughts on “30 Years of Marc

  1. So fun to look back at all of those pictures! He looks so young. Fun to see. Homemade chocolate cake?! That’s a tradition you better keep. And I love micah at the end 😂😂😂 I knew it was head shoulders knees and toes even before she said anything 😉


  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you BOTH!! Birthdays are wonderful!! The more the better–right?? Such great pictures too! We missed seeing you at the Darnell Christmas, BUT we sure do understand!! The blogs are THE BEST! Micah’s Spanish is great! I was hearing the tune for sure! One of my favorite things was seeing the young girls together at Pam’s. They reminded me of the good ol’ days when you guys were young and pretending.

    Peace and joy to you in the new year!

    Lots of LOVE,


    1. That is so true, Aunt Cathy – a new generation of little girls growing up together! I’m glad you had a nice time at the reunion. We will hopefully see everyone this summer. 🙂 Thank you for your kind note.


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